Small change

I moved here partly to make it easier for people to leave comments – there were problems on the other site.

So I’ve now amended the comment settings here, so you can leave comments without having to fill in your email address. I don’t like giving my email address to random websites.

I’m unsure, though, whether WordPress will recognize you on future visits if you don’t fill it in – I might have to approve every comment instead of just the first.

7 responses to “Small change

  1. My email address is intentionally absent from this small comment.

    I hope this meets with your approval.

  2. It recorded your IP address (and name, obviously) – now try sending another and see whether it gets auto-approved.

  3. By popular request:

    This is my second comment without email address.
    This time I didn’t need to type my “name” in the Name field 🙂
    If this gets through, I can write whatever I like in my next comment ;))
    But tomorrow (at the latest) I’ll have a different IP address…

    • Nope, you obviously don’t count as the same person – it asked me to moderate this one too. I’ll just check the settings.

  4. And today, I had my first spam comment. Which was however caught as such.

  5. I love how WordPress handles comments in these regards-I extend my congratulations to you about making a successful switch!

    As for the comments, it might be worth it to, at the end of any re-posted entries for which there was good discussion, post a link to the comments area of the entry on your old site, so that if people are interested in reading the old conversation they can. That would be my suggestion for dealing with it.

    Also, congrats on your first spam comment! That was a big milestone for me 🙂

    Congrats again, I look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks Andy! That’s probably what I’ll do, though I’m also thinking about the situation where people want to continue a conversation started on the other site. Maybe where that looks likely I’ll copy a few posts of the conversation across. The problem at the old site was that non-members had a lot of trouble leaving comments, so it might help them if they have the option of replying here instead.

      Edit: It turns out that if I copy comments from the old blog, I can then manually set the correct author details, date and time for them. A useful discovery!

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