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“Greatest Hits of the Second Viennese School”

Recently I came across this. It’s . . . Well, what it says. A spoof advert for atonal music. Much of the humour comes from picking out entirely the wrong feature of a musical passage for comment—e.g. commenting on the tunefulness of a passage which consists entirely of harmony and orchestral colour, or the tenderness of . . . Watch it and see.

As a violinist, I particularly like “the virtuoso violin writing of Alban’s Violin Concerto In case you don’t know, the concerto starts with the soloist playing the four open strings. (By the way, you can see someone performing the concerto here. Oddly, the vibrato in the audio seems not to match his hand movements in the video.)

Actually the video is rather unfair to Schoenberg. And I quite like atonal music. So, here to redress the balance is a more serious one: an interview with Schoenberg about his paintings and his music, recorded in 1949.

Follow the “related video” links for more material, both serious and otherwise.

Another beautiful photo blog

Ninebark Imagery has been on my blogroll for quite a while now, and I thought it was time I brought it to your attention. It’s the photoblog of Debbie Campbell, a web designer in Colorado who also describes herself as an “amateur nature photographer”. Here’s one of her recent photos:

Poudre River. © ninebarkimagery.com

Poudre River. © ninebarkimagery.comUsed with permission

One thing I like about the site, apart from the pictures which I find very restful, is the simple page layout with one picture to a page against a nearly-black, unobtrustive foliage background and minimal text. This lets the photos speak for themselves, one at a time, as they should. The mood of the photos is mostly quiet and reflective, with a feelling that a lot of care has gone into the composition. (And yes, reflections in still water do feel reflective mentally, so allthough I wasn’t trying to create a pun it’s quite an apt one.)

These aren’t photos for looking at quickly, in my opinion: one needs to linger and enjoy them, as you’d enjoy being in a peaceful place. I hope you’ll visit the site and see the others.

Thanks to Debbie for permission to use the one in this post.