Playing with CSS

Warning: geekery ahead. But maybe useful geekery.

If you’re observant, and if your screen shows it, you might notice the text in my posts has gone from not quite black to black. That’s because I’ve been playing with the CSS for this WordPress “theme”. Which I’ve done mainly because I hate watery type and think black should be black.

When I started, I assumed I’d be able to copy the text of the existing stylesheet into Notepad and edit it as a text document, or at least search in it for the things I needed to change. It turned out though that this didn’t work: oh yes, it copied into Notepad, but without line breaks, creating a huge block of gibberish.

Well, today I discovered how to copy it legibly into a text document, and I thought I’d tell you, in case the same problem has been driving you insane.

This procedure worked for me:

  • Open the CSS editor (My dashboard > Appearance > Edit CSS)
  • Click View original stylesheet.
  • Press ctrl-a to select all the text in the original stylesheet, then ctrl-c to copy it, and close the popup window.
  • Paste it into the CSS editing box.
  • Select all the text that you’ve just pasted, and copy that into Notepad.

This time it copies into Notepad, but, lo and behold, the line breaks now appear properly, and the result is readable.

And there’s loads more I want to change about the page layout, but making black text black will do for a start.

Off home now to nurse my cold.

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