Up to date!

Well just about. Computer time in the library comes in one-hour chunks, and I’ve used a few of those this week to copy blog posts from my original blog to here.

What I haven’t transferred is all the comments and discussion which took place there. I’m undecided what to do about that. Link to it? Copy selected comments and add them here?

Any thoughts?

It feels good having transferred the posts, though.

Some of them are quite long. Unlike the other site, this one lets me decide post-by-post whether to display the full post or just the introduction. So for longer or more specialised posts, I could display just the introductions. What do you think?

See the poll on the right. I’m waiting with interest to see whether the poll displays in Opera Mini on my phone…

One response to “Up to date!

  1. Happily, the poll did display in Opera Mini, and I’ve just become the first person to vote in it, while waiting for my bus home.

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