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Poll results

This probably isn’t of great interest, but several people did use the poll to give feedback about their preferences for the front page so here are the results. I’ve excluded my own real vote, and the vote I did to test the Other option. Five votes is hardly a statistically significant sample, but never mind. It tells me what five people thought, at least.

What would you prefer
to see on this page?

Full posts, all the time 3
Full posts only if short 1
Other 1
Just introductions 0
No preference 0

So I’ll do what I originally thought: show full posts, but maybe very occasionally just an introduction if the post is a particularly specialist one or if I’m keen to keep an earlier one easily visible.

The one person who voted Other asked to see recent comments—meaning, I think, the actual text of comments left on the blog, as opposed to just a list of who’s commented. But I haven’t managed to find any way to do that, so if you know of one, please let me know.

Last few days . . .

Only three people have responded to the poll, so I’ll give it until Wednesday, then delete it and do what I think.

If you click View Results it’ll currently say five people voted, but two of those were me: once to express my actual preference, and once to test the Other option and find out how to view what people enter for it.

Update: I’ve taken the poll down now, and if you’re interested you can see the results in this post.

It’s OK to press the button!

I’d like you to press the button. The button is there for you. I mean the one in the sidebar that says vote. It’s there for a reason . . .

The idea is that I get an idea of the preference of people who visit the site.

Er, obviously. So far, four people pressed the button, and one of them was me. So please feel free to join this select group! Or not. But if you do, it will help.

Sadly you don’t win a prize, other than maybe seeing your preference implemented if it’s the most popular one and I decide to heed it.

I think I’ll leave it there for another week or so, then remove it so it’s no longer cluttering up the sidebar.