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It didn’t work!

Somehow, I never expected that it would. I’m talking about National Blog Posting Month, which I dutifully blogged about at the time.

Bullying myself into an activity was never going to work. So you can rest assured that in the writing of this post and the previous one, no cruelty to the author was involved. 😉

And whether I write more posts will depend almost entirely on whether I feel like it, and whether think I have anything to write about.

National Blog Posting Month

OK, so I’ve just signed up for a thing called National Blog Posting Month, also known by the “elegant” name NaBloPoMo. This was probably a rash thing to do. The idea is that every day, for an entire month, I have to post something to my blog.

From past experience of writing a journal, this is unlikely to happen. Some days simply aren’t interesting. But it will be interesting to try, and to see whether I fail abysmally or only moderately . . .

The name is rather inaccurate. First, it’s not a specific month. It’s one month from the day I signed up. And second, it’s international. So it should really be called Ongoing international blog posting  exercise, or  Oninblopex.

I’ve a bit of a cold today and just thinking about doing this makes my temperature rise, so I’m definitely not predicting great  success. But let’s see.

Hmmm . . . Maybe I should go and un-sign-up . . .