National Blog Posting Month

OK, so I’ve just signed up for a thing called National Blog Posting Month, also known by the “elegant” name NaBloPoMo. This was probably a rash thing to do. The idea is that every day, for an entire month, I have to post something to my blog.

From past experience of writing a journal, this is unlikely to happen. Some days simply aren’t interesting. But it will be interesting to try, and to see whether I fail abysmally or only moderately . . .

The name is rather inaccurate. First, it’s not a specific month. It’s one month from the day I signed up. And second, it’s international. So it should really be called Ongoing international blog posting  exercise, or  Oninblopex.

I’ve a bit of a cold today and just thinking about doing this makes my temperature rise, so I’m definitely not predicting great  success. But let’s see.

Hmmm . . . Maybe I should go and un-sign-up . . .

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