How to turn off infinite scrolling (and the floating footer)

Why I hate infinite scrolling has turned out to be quite a popular post. However, some people appear to both hate it and still have it turned on. So here’s how to turn it off if you’re one of them.

The instructions are for blogs, as of July 2012. They also get rid of the floating footer that follows readers down the page.

1. Go to your blog dashboard and select reading from the settings menu:

Screenshot showing where to find the menu on the dashboard

How to get to the relevant settings page

2. On the reading settings page, find  to infinity and beyond and untick scroll infinitely:

screenshot: location of the checkbox on the reading settings page

Checkbox for turning off infinite scrolling

3. Breathe a sigh of relief.

This gets rid of both automatic infinite scrolling and the floating semi-transparent footer that goes with it. Unfortunately you still get a Load more posts button rather than separate pages; there isn’t currently an option to get the discrete pages back. But automatic loading of batches of posts won’t happen and the floating footer will have gone.

3 responses to “How to turn off infinite scrolling (and the floating footer)

  1. Thank you. That’s been bugging me and now I know how to fix it 🙂

    • You’re very welcome! I quite often grumble about infinite scrolling on sites so when I discovered I’d been using it myself for weeks I went searching straight away for how to turn it off!

      Next step: see if it’s possible to hide the floating footer on blogs I visit. I’m pretty sure it is in Opera. If I succeed I’ll post that too.

  2. hey dude, thanks, thought i would have to pay to get that floater off!

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