Here’s what happens to an ant’s abdomen when it eats green sugar solution:

close-up photo: ant with translucent green abdomen eating green sugar solution

 It’s one of a set of photos I came across today. The others are well worth seeing and are in this Mail Online article. (Lest you judge me, I should point out that I arrived on the photos via my Tweeted Times page, not via anything to do with the Daily Mail.)

There’s nothing  particularly special about the ants: according to the article they’re just ones that were in the back garden of the photographer, Dr Mohamed Babu, whose wife noticed that one that had been drinking milk had a white abdomen.

The article is quite  interesting (and all three photos stunning), though I did find it amusing that rather than just calling him by his name the Mail felt obliged to call Dr Babu “father of three Mohamed Babu” and “the 53-year-old”. They also call him “Scientist Dr Babu”, but infuriatingly they don’t say what kind of scientist. Particle physicist? Cosmologist? Seismologist? Entomologist? Ants are less central to some of those disciplines than to others . . .

And presumably his age and number of children have some bearing on ant photography or they wouldn’t have mentioned them, but I still haven’t quite cracked that one.

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