Trying out WordPress

Well, here I am. Discovering that there are lots of useful settings I can set, which do all sorts of useful things, and that I don’t know where most of them are…

It looks pretty flexible, and I like that.

Hey, it saved my draft too, without me having to do anything. I approve of that, too.

Oo, password-protected posts! That’s a good idea too. Show people stuff without showing it everyone.

I don’t like the watery grey type. Doesn’t anyone use black ink any more? Let’s see…  Hmmm. Looks as though I can’t actually change the colour without creating a CSS. Why on earth use GREY as a default colour for text people might be going to READ?

Let’s try using the Font tag on it. Yes, that does seem to give me black text. Messy solution, but better.

Here’s a bit more outside the tag, just to check that the black bit really is a different colour from this and it’s not just my eyes going funny.

5 responses to “Trying out WordPress

  1. Just posting a comment and saying hello. 🙂

  2. Thanks Pam!

  3. This is just a test to see if my name will now link as you suggested. 🙂

    • Well if I open it to “edit” it, it’s appearing with your email address filled in, but the URL still blank. I’ll check where I filled mine in.

    • Now checked. It was My Account > Edit Profile, then I entered my WordPress blog address for “Website” in the Contact Info section.

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