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Beautiful bird photos

Sometimes when someone comments on your blog and you follow the link to their home page, you get a good surprise.

Yesterday, Little Brown Job, aka Paul, commented on my recent post about Dabr. (In case you’re wondering, little brown job is a birdwatcher’s name for a small, unidentified bird.) I followed the link to his blog, where I discovered that Paul is a bird photographer and takes pictures like this:

Goldfinch © http://littlebrownjob.blogspot.com

Goldfinch © littlebrownjob.blogspot.com

I occasionally dabble in photography but haven’t done for quite a while. I’d love be able to take this kind of photo. I enjoy photographs of nature, but mine tend to be of things like trees, which have the big advantage that they don’t run away when they hear you coming—and of being big enough not to need a particularly long-focus lens.

The other photos on his site are equally stunning and I do urge you to visit it at http://littlebrownjob.blogspot.com/. The site really is too good to miss. Visit and enjoy!