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Morning chorus

I’m not a morning person at all. In fact I’m so much a night person that at this time of year, it’s not unusual for me to be awake when the birds start singing. At present they’re doing this not long after 3 am.

This recording is from around 4:15 am a couple of nights ago. I had the window open because of the hot weather, and realised that not only had the birds started up but there was next to no traffic or wind.

So I put the recorder on the windowsill and let it record for about 25 minutes.

I was also getting ready for bed during the recording, so there were quite a few audible interruptions. This track is one of the longer uninterrupted sections, after some filtering and noise reduction.

You’ll notice seagulls, but don’t be fooled—I live well away from the sea. I live fairly near to some reservoirs, though, and I think those might be responsible for there having been gulls in the area for as long as I remember.

Note: The download button in the player will give you a 28 MB, CD-quality WAV file. If that’s too big, try this MP3 version (5MB, 256kbps). And if that’s too big, ask and I’ll maybe make a lower quality one.