It’s OK to press the button!

I’d like you to press the button. The button is there for you. I mean the one in the sidebar that says vote. It’s there for a reason . . .

The idea is that I get an idea of the preference of people who visit the site.

Er, obviously. So far, four people pressed the button, and one of them was me. So please feel free to join this select group! Or not. But if you do, it will help.

Sadly you don’t win a prize, other than maybe seeing your preference implemented if it’s the most popular one and I decide to heed it.

I think I’ll leave it there for another week or so, then remove it so it’s no longer cluttering up the sidebar.


3 responses to “It’s OK to press the button!

  1. What if my answer is ‘I don’t really mind much at the end of the day’? But I have slight preference for full posts myself.

  2. Randomly pick “Full posts, all the time”, “No preference” (OK, that wasn’t there before) or “Other”, I suppose. But somehow I think it’s just turned into an experiment in seeing whether people will click a button for something they’re not particularly bothered about, and finding that they won’t . . .

    A bit like politics really, but without the horrible consequences of not voting!

  3. I think that’s right. Also, there are always many more people who read a blog than who are prepared to respond.

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