The Original Blog With No Name

As you can see, I’ve not created any real posts here yet. But you can visit my original Blog With No Name at [Edit: I’ve now copied quite a few posts here from the original site. I’ve kept their original dates, so see below.]

I’ve been posting there for a while, but many visitors have had problems posting comments, making it frustrating—I enjoy the discussions with readers but can’t have them.

There you’ll find posts about violin playing, science, religion, books, art, and general reflections.

Some recent posts there:

I’m undecided whether to copy old posts from there to here, or just post new ones. It might get confusing having discussions on the same post in two places. Any thoughts?

3 responses to “The Original Blog With No Name

  1. I opted for actually moving all my content, but that’s because I knew I had almost no readers, and was pretty sure nobody had made links to the old articles.

    I was able to export all articles from the old, and import it easily into the new. Then I went and deleted everything from my original “test” home at — now only the home of a redirect sign.

    Anyway, moving happened to be the right thing for me, but it might not be for everyone.

  2. I should’ve mentioned that my move was pretty easy, mostly because I was moving from WordPress (.com) to WordPress (.org, self-hosted).

  3. The things that make it tricky for me are
    A few of the posts have a lot of comments
    I’ve cross-referenced a lot between posts, so there will be quite a few links to update.
    So I probably won’t delete the originals… I think any solution will have to be a bit messy, probably.

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