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OK, well I want to try out the ‘trackback’ feature and I also want to people to look at RachelCreative‘s blog, so here are links to several of my favourite posts on the parts of her site I’ve explored so far–let’s see whether the trackback thing does indeed do its job.

  • Marshmallow on skewer: simple but very appetizing. How on earth does someone capture the essence of a toasted marshmallow in a few lines? Like this, evidently.
  • Dog Bignose and Ghostly: interesting glimpse of the drawing process. A curve and two dots, already with their own character, becoming a dog.
  • Chairs: My kind of photograph: making the everyday look beautiful.

When I took “A” level General Studies too many years ago to admit (which I therefore won’t), one of the questions in the exam was “How would you define art? Discuss the claims of one of the following to be an art form”, and the one I chose to write about was photography. I notice, somewhat to my shame, that I’ve mentioned “art and photography” in this post’s title. That’s not really right, since good photography is art, and I think this applies particularly to good black-and-white photography. It’s not just taking a picture of something ready-made; I think it’s showing the viewer how you see something. Or sometimes it’s taking what you’d think of as Nothing–two chairs and a table, for example–and arranging it in such a way that it becomes Something. And making Something out of Nothing is definitely creative.

What I like about Rachel’s blog is the way she lets us see the process at work; it makes me want to get my SLR out and start taking photographs with it again 🙂

And Rachel, don’t let the review go to your head 😉

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